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European Travel


Here is a list of the countries I have visited on a motorcycle: England, Germany, Holland, France, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Russia, Ukraine.

As far as rules and regulations go, here are some remarks:


You don't absolutely have to have it, but it helps to have an International Driving Permit especially if you are going to visit some out-of-the-way countries. The IDP can be obtained at any AAA office. It takes a few minutes to issue and costs about $15.


You are required to carry insurance. It comes in the form of the so called "green card" which covers most European countries. Nobody ever wanted to see mine with the exception of German customs. If you don't have insurance and a country requires it, you should be able to buy it at the border crossing.

Country-of-Registration Sticker

It is a rule in Europe that every vehicle must display what country it's registered in. Examples are: D for Germany, GB for Great Britain, etc. USA stickers are hard to find in Europe, so bring one with you.

Certificate (Title) of Ownership

This is probably the most important piece of paper you need to take with you. Most border officials will want to see that you own the motorcycle you are riding.


American citizens do not need visas for most European countries, including most of the former Soviet satelite countries. However, check before you go.


Gasoline is exteremely expensive and could cost up to $6 per gallon. You can find pretty much anything you need. Stay on the small roads if you want to see a country. If speed is your thing, note that there is no speed limit on the autobanhs in Germany. The average speed there is about 100 mph.

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