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Hi, my name is Lance, and along with my wife Lauren, daughter Talena, and son Kyle, we are the Brown family.

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We live in the town of Chico, located in Northern California. I have been a Tow Truck operator for the last 20 years and finally retired last year. Lauren has been a letter carrier for the U.S. Post Office for about the last 8. Although we have been together since 1995, we finally got married in October,1998.

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I have been a Motorcycle Rider for over 30 years. Starting off with Triumph's, B.S.A's, and Norton's. Then in the late 70s I purchased an old Harley Sportster and I have been riding Harley's ever since. I am currently on a 94 Dyna Wide Glide that I purchased used in 96. It is now March of 2000 and I have just past 51,000 miles.

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Lauren's been riding for about 8 years. She started off on a 86 Yamaha 125 but was riding her own Harley Hugger when we met. Because of the long distances we like to travel it didn't take us long to realize she needed a bigger bike so she bought herself a new 96 Harley Sportster Custom 1200. After three years on it she purchased a 96 Harley Dyna Convertible in June of 99.

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Although her Sporty was a great deal better on the long trips than the 883 was, the new Dyna Convertible is like moving up from a Toyota to a Caddilac.

When we travel I carry our 11 year old daughter. She has 10 States and 2 Countries and about 20,000 miles on Motorcycle so far. She actually started riding her own Yamaha 50, out in an orchard, when she was four and a half, and already had her eye on Mom's Sportster when she turned 15. Needless to say she wasn't very pleased when we traded the Sporty in.


Lauren carries our 9 year old son. He is not as avid a rider as his sister, but I think that will change as he gets taller and able to see more over his mother's shoulder.


Our family also includes a totally spoiled 10 year old Border Collie mix. She has been mine since she was 5 weeks old and is never more then 5 feet away from me when I am home. She won't ride on the Bikes but she loves traveling in the car.


We also have a little fur ball named Goldie. If he's in the mood he might let you pet him, unless he's hungry, then you become his best friend.


Last, but not the least expensive is our 4-wheel cycle. We just have to keep the wind in our hair.

The Car

We do most of our Traveling in the 14 Western States and Western Canada. Locally we enjoy riding in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and along the Northern California coastline, but our favorite areas are in Northern Arizona, Northern New Mexico, Southern Utah, and the Colorado Rockies.

In just the last three years we have been to Sturgis, South Dakota, Devil's Tower, Wyoming, Custer's National Park, Montana, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Crater Lake, Oregon, Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico, Roswell, New Mexico, the V.L.A. in New Mexico, the Meteor Crater and Natural Bridges, Arizona, Bryce and Zion National Parks in Utah, all over Colorado, Nevada, Idaho, and of course our home State of California.

In years past I spent a great deal of time on the Eastern Seaboard, traveling from Maryland to Florida. I have personally ridden in 47 States and 5 Countries, so I feel quite comfortable hosting this Web Site. I wish I had the space to post all the pictures we have, from Old Faithful in Yellowstone to the top of the Volcano on Maui. We have posted quite a few of our pictures in the Photo Album, be sure to check them out while you are here. There is NO substitute for traveling on two wheels.

Check-out our Western U.S. and Canada vacation trip. We put in a lot of good info here for anyone planning a trip thru this area.


Another one of our loves is NASCAR. We have been Jeff Gordon(24) and Rusty Wallace(2) fans for years. If our children ever look around for role models, these are the people we want them to admire. We hope to see them both at Sears Point someday, but it seems that our travels always have us out of the state during that part of the summer.



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Motorcycle Travelers Help


Motorcycle Travelers Help