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---BEWARE-----BEWARE-----BEWARE-----BEWARE-----BEWARE-- - --

Green River Harley Davidson

Green River, Wyoming

Stay away from this Dealer. They WILL rip you off.

Because we were on vacation, and at their mercy, they charged me just under $800 for a STOCK set of exhaust pipes and we still had to install them ourselves. Instead of selling me a SET of pipes, they itimized each individual piece, including every nut, bolt,and washer and charged me list price on every single piece(I only needed a $5.00 bracket which they said would take them at least 4 or 5 business days to get and would not even attempt to repair the one I had for me).

Additional info by request

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This Web Site was created BECAUSE of this Dealership.


Bosshog from Kansas say's.

I hate to say anything bad about a dealer after just one bad experience, especially when everything else I hear is good but maybe nobody else has taken the time to say anything about a similar situation.        Although Doerfler's Harley Davidson Dealership in Hays, Kansas is normally a good place to visit, I had a breakdown on the 95th Homecoming ride and needed a repair that took almost two hours to determine the problem and find out they didn't have the part. An extremely knowledgable factory representative was on the ride with us and told them that the problem was a bad stator, yet they insisted on doing a complete diagnostic check along with some additional part replacements to confirm (verify?) that the factory representative was right. Not a good way to spend two hours on a Sunday morning. After wasting my time, they didn't have the part in stock, and I had to try to make it to Salina to get the stator. Tim in Salina, Kansas, actually brought the part I needed out to me on the highway as I passed through trying to catch up with the group, and I got the bike repaired at Topeka Harley Davidson.  By the way the folks at Topeka Harley Davidson insisted on washing and doing a quick check out of the bike before putting me back on the road. Talk about achieving customer satisfaction, I was extremely happy with both Salina and Topeka's Harley Davidson Dealerships. Any time you get a chance to deal with these two dealers say hello for me, and expect to be treated honestly and fairly.  

One of our Travelers from Columbus, Ohio who rides a Yamaha 650 Special says:

Here's one for your list!!

Metropolis Motorcycle Works off of Rt. 23 (High St) in the O.S.U. Campus area. These guys will screw you from the word "Go"!! I took a bike there for a simple tune-up and to check the wiring harness for a short in the turn signal. $1,000 and 4 months later I got back a bike that ran for 2 days before it locked up on me in rush-hour traffic!!! I have heard more horror stories from 2 other people also. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this Shop.

Here's another one.

The Harley Dealer in Hays, Kansas.

Coming home from Sturgis '99 my brand new RoadKing's horn went out. It wasn't a big deal, but I hated to ride another 1000 miles home with a "safety" defect on a new bike. So I stopped in Hays for the "warranty" work. There were no other customers in the place and yet it took the guy behind the counter 5 minutes. to look up from the titty magazine he was reading. He had a horn in stock until he learned it was for warranty. Then suddenly the horn on the counter was "already sold" and it would take 3 - 4 days to get me a horn. Needless to say I rode home without a horn. He also charged us $3.50 for a quart of Harley 20W50. I only bought it because I was there and needed the oil (convenience) which is what this dealer was banking on.

And Another One

Best Harley Davidson in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Customer service is unheard of here. They will not take M/C or Visa. Very limited parts inventory, and almost no accessories. When I asked if they had a chrome oil filter for my RoadKing, instead of the black one they were trying to sell me, the guy gets "pissed" and calls me a "fuckin poser"... This "F'n Poser" (who has been riding scooters for 32 years and who owns 4 Harleys) decided to go spend his $2000 on accessories for the FLHRCI at another dealer!!


January 2000: The Tropicana Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas NV is the most Biker UNFRIENDLY establishment I have encountered in the last 20 years!!!  I just rode there for the Annual Antique Motorcycle Auction, which is held there every year, and will never go back if it is held there again.  They refused to allow us any covered bike parking or any kind of security for our bikes.  The required $139 a night rooms were less desirable than a run down Motel 6, and we were treated like unwanted step children in the only non-buffet restaurant they have.  



We have been waiting for someone to submit a BAD ROAD, but when you think about it, there are no bad roads when you are out in the wind on your Motorcycle.




Motorcycle Travelers Help


Motorcycle Travelers Help