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American Thunder Motorcycle Supply at 246 6th Street, Elko, Nevada 89801 (775) 738-5226. Sharon, from Elko says they have a mechanic, and keep most parts and fluids, that anyone could need, in stock. They are open Tues.-Sat from 10:00 a.m. to usually around 6:00. They close earlier in the winter.

High Plains Motorcycle Shop on Hyw 60 in Datil, New Mexico. Harley, Suzuki, and Yamaha. 505-772-5909 Ron Fisher-owner

Beartooth Harley in Billngs, Montana. 406-252-2888. Exceptional Service.

Jimmy O's in Fallon, Nevada. 702-423-5319. Harley Parts and Service.

Mike's Repair in Teton, Idaho 208-458-4932. Specializing in Japanese Motorcycles.

Country Boy's Harley parts and repair. Battle Mountain, Nevada. 702-635-3411.

Yellowstone Harley of West Yellowstone, Montana. 406-646-7666. E-MAIL Parts Only

The Machine Shop on Highway 66 in Flagstaff, Az. comes highly recommended by one of our TRAVELERS. The mechanic, J.T., was described as HONEST and TALENTED!!

Mark, from Kansas, says he found a GREAT bunch of guys at the Honda/Yamaha Dealership in Durango, Colorado (very knowledgeable and helpful). Also a BIG THANK-YOU to the Napa dealer in Pagosa, Colorado who opened on a Sunday to help him with a battery problem.

Ken, from Albany, New York says "PERFORMANCE MOTORCYCLE SERVICE" in Rensselaer, New York (just across the river from Albany) work on all brands of Bikes and have a MOTTO of WE FIX'EM RIGHT. Ken should know,he has been going there for years and says they live up to their MOTTO!!!

Our Traveler from Columbus, Ohio says, Hinds Motorsports, is a clean and reliable shop with a staff who will bend over backwards for you. Our Traveler highly recommends them. If they can't fix your bike, they will tell you why, and then tell you who can!!

Donald, a member from Florida say's, I have a 1998 Ulta Cruiser, made by Bikers Dream, I bought it in Mandrin, Fla. I had looked for a Harley, but had a few problems. Bikers Dream were glad that I stopped in just to look. Everyone there was very helpful. They answered all my questions about the Sales Service,and Parts department. All of them greet me, and my family, with smiles and information anytime we go back, if for service or just to look, they greet me by NAME and ask what can we do for you. If you can stop in, they have 4 stores in Florida. Mandrin, Daytona, Clearwater, and Panama City.

Here's one for the Good list.

Chosa's in Mesa Arizona has a very helpful and freindly sales /parts dept. staff and decent prices. Big inventory of parts and good supply of accessories. Gave me a discount on parts for buying over $250. Offered me free calendars and pen. Most of all they expressed an appreciation for my business. As I was leaving a customer was in the lot changing his plugs on a FLSTC. One of the techs came over and offered to loan him a torque wrench.

Another one for the Good list.

Dean's Bar and Grill, in Bucklin, Kansas.

A buddy and I were on a trip to Sturgis one year and in our excitement we forgot to gas up at the last place open. We coasted into Bucklin at midnite on fumes. Dean's was the only place open and when we told him of our plight he got a fellow to go open the gas station a few blocks away and helped us push our bikes over there. We pumped i $10 and when I tried to pay, they just said " It's on us" and refused my money. We gave them our Business cards and told them if they were ever in Texas, and needed help,call us. What goes around, comes around.                                                       


Navajo Lake State Park in New Mexico 25 miles south of Ignacio (follow the river) Hot Showers,Large Camp Sites Great Fishing and Swimming (they don't take reservations)


A new place of interest has just been brought to my attention. It's called Marble Canyon and is located in Death Valley. To reach it, it is necessary to enter Death Valley from the Nevada side. It is supposed to be marked by signs once inside the park. The canyon itself can only be accessed by motorcycle or small car as the entrance walls to the canyon are extremely narrow. I have been told the best times to go are March and April.

Another interesting sight is the VLA (Very Large Array). It is the largest group of Radio Telescopes in one place. 14 square miles of them located on State Highway 60 about 15 miles East of Datil, New Mexico. It is a sight right out of the movies (Independance Day--Contact). It is free and open to the public and you can ride right out to them.

Mark, from Kansas, wrote to say, the road into the Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings in Colorado is one of the Best Rides anywhere!!

Stig, from Norway, recommends using to find the best Motorcycle Routes when in Norway. Check-out his NINJA ZX-6R in our Photo Album soon.

Ashish,from New York City N.Y.says, don't miss The Blue Ridge Parkway (State ??) AWESOME !!!

Don, from Roanoke, Virgina, say's the Blue Ridge Parkway is located in Virginia and North Carolina. It runs from Cherokee, NC in the Smoky Mtns to Waynesboro Virginia and then turns in to the Skyline Drive from Waynesboro, Va to Front Royal Va. It is a twisty, scenic two lane road that runs along the crest of the Blue Ridge mountains with fantastic scenery all along. I don't know who designed this road, but he must have been a biker at heart. The only drawback to it is that the speed limit is only 45 mph and is pretty strictly enforced. I am leaving on my Honda CX650 custom in may to ride the Parkway from my home near Roanoke Va to Cherokee in May and cant wait for the day to get here. We also take a lot of day trips on the Parkway. If you ever get a chance you should try to ride it. Really like your site, lots of good info....keep up the good work!! Ride to live. Don

Les, from Denver, has written a GREAT article on Riding Route 66. It covers everything!! Even if you don't plan on taking this perticular ride there is a ton of info that pertains to Motorcycle Travel anywhere. Check-it-out at:

Denver VRA

Just follow the Route 66 signs.

Here is some additional indepth info on Route 66. We thought you might like to look at the diaries (with some pictures) of people who have toured Route 66 on motorcycles. They are at:

Route 66--Turn by Turn

These were also submitted by Les.


Robin Caulk from Egg Harbor, New Jersey writes:

In Galloway Township, New Jersey on route 30, just outside of Egg Harbor, there is a restaurant called the Country Kitchen. It is run by a lady biker named Anna and she can call most of the customers by their first name. The food is GREAT and the prices are fantastic. So if you are ever in the South Jersey area stop there for breakfast or lunch the hours are 7am to 3pm.


Motorcycle Travelers Help


Motorcycle Travelers Help