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January 31,2000

We have received quite a number of inquiries concerning the Rendevous at Bishop' Castle in Colorado this coming 4th of July. Those of you interested in more information about Bishop's Castle can go to Search and put in Bishop's Castle, then scroll down to the one in Colorado. I found it quite interesting. It's amazing what one man can do when he puts his entire mind and body into one goal.

There have also been alot of people looking for people to ride with to Colorado from different parts of the country. If you want to hook up with a pack, or put one together yourself, just let us know. As for Lauren, Lynny and myself, we are leaving Northern California on June 30th and spending our first night in Fallon, NV. We are hoping to hook up with Johnny from Central California there. On July 1st we will be crossing Nevada on Old Highway 50. On the 2nd we will be crossing Utah. On the 3rd we will be heading south on the Million Dollar Highway into Durango, Colorado. On the 4th we will be at Bishop's Castle. Anyone riding from the west coast who wishs to join us is more than welcome. Lauren and I will be headed north to Beartooth Pass in Montana after we leave the Castle.  Beartooth Pass is located just north of Yellowstone National Park.   At about 13,000 feet, it is probably the most beautiful pass I have ever been thru other than Logan Pass in Glacier National Park. Lauren, Lynny, and I rode thru it in "98" and have been planning on going back ever since. Once again anyone wishing to join us for a "Ride into the Beartooth" is welcome.


We WILL be riding thru Glacier N'atl Park again this year. It will be our next destination after Beartooth.

There have been quite a few New Members join in the last couple of months. We'd like to take this opportunity to say WELCOME to them and remind everyone that this is an interactive Web Site.   We need your input to keep it growing so send in those stories and pictures. We now have an entire page dedicated to Members Trips.

If you haven't visited the Web Site in a while you should take the time to check-out some of the new additions.

We'd like to request a response to this letter if you wish to remain a member of Motorcycle Travelers. A simple YES or NO in the subject line would suffice, but a short note would be GREAT!!!   I will be using this info to update the Membership List. We lost contact with quite a few members last summer. I'm sure it had to do with riding their motorcycles instead of their computers (or WebTv). I know I was.

In just the last year Motorcycle Travelers has established Members in 29 States and 9 Foreign countries. We are Members of 6 Motorcycle Web Rings and are averaging about 1000 hits a month. We have also established our own Domain. For those of you with Home Pages, I have been thinking about adding a page to link them to from the Web Site. Let me know if you would like to do that. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Well as always Ride Happy, Ride Safe, Ride Free.


Febuary 5,2000

I am sending you some very interesting information supplied by a couple of our Members in Colorado (Alan & Patricia Nowlin). It is concerning Bishop's Castle and the area around it.

There is a Suspension Bridge called "Royal Gorge Bridge". It is approximately 9 miles west of Canon City, Colorado. The "Royal Gorge Bridge" is only open to foot traffic. There is an observation site on the other side and an amusement area on the road to "The Bridge"          Bishop's Castle is near Westcliffe, Colorado. Westcliffe is approximately 40 miles SSW of "The Bridge"(US 50 to Co 69)

Click here: Westcliffe Virtual Visitors Guide

I found this link very informative. It sure sounds like motorcycle country.

Febuary 9,2000


After much consideration I have decided to make the ride to Daytona Beach, Florida for Bike Week. I will be leaving Northern California on the morning of March 4th and taking the southern route thru Las Vegas and then to I-10 East. Anyone along the way, wanting to go, just drop me a line.

If any of you are going to be there for Bike Week and would like to meet for dinner or cocktails, get ahold of me and we will arrange a meeting point. I will be staying with friends in Orlando while I am there.

I have created the new page on the Web Site for Home Pages. If you have a Home Page or Web Site that I haven't already listed on the new page, just send me the URL and I will post it.

We have added 2 more states this week. New members have joined from Mass. and Del. If anyone has biker friends in Hawaii or Alaska please drop them a line and see if they would be interested in joining. We have never had contact with anyone from either of these states.

Thank-you all for replying to the last newsletter. Our membership info has all been updated now and we picked up more members in the last two weeks than we lost in the update.

To those of you in the south--KEEP RIDING--To those of you in the north--KEEP SMILING--spring is coming!!


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