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Motorcycle Travelers is proud to announce plans for it's first Travelers Rendezvous. This event is to be held at Bishop Castle on route 165 in the South Eastern part of Colorado, and will be scheduled for the 4th of July 2000. For information on the Castle and surrounding area check-out

Westcliffe Virtual Visitors Guide

Any of you riders wishing to attend from Outside the U.S.A. should contact the Webmaster for info on taking advantage of the Fly and Ride programs or Bike Rentals available.

We have tried to pick a location worthy of the ride. There are few places to ride in the U.S. as beautiful as the Colorado Rockies. I realize this is quite a distance for you guys in Canada and in the North East U.S.A. but I know you have done it before.

This Rendezvous is open to ALL riders and ALL bikes. So invite your friends to make the trip with you.

We are going to set up a seperate mailing list for the riders interested in making the trip so please reply to this letter so we can include you in all the updates as they become available and use your input to determine the final plans.



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