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Here is SHEILA who sold Lauren lots of T-shirts

Saturday July 10

We took a cab over to the dealership and picked up our bikes. Not only was Lauren's bike fixed, but it was also sparkling clean. When I mentioned how nice her bike looked next to my dirty one, they immediately had my bike washed also. Total repair cost $69.95 Canadian (about $40 US).

Five stars to Heritage Harley Davidson.

We pulled out of Edmunton about 11:00 am and headed back to Jasper. Turned south at Jasper and took the Icefields Parkway to Lake Louise. Just before leaving Jasper Nat'l Park and entering Banff Nat'l Park you come to the Icefields Center. Lauren and Talena hiked up to the bottom of the Athabasca Glacier and stood on it.

Here is Lauren standing on a Glacier

I just waved to them from the parking lot as it was a good half mile hike uphill all the way. It was getting late as we left the Glacier, so we decided to stay at the next town which was Lake Louise. Staying in Lake Louise is not recommended. One room, one night, equals $269 Canadian (about $175 U.S), If you can get a room!

Sunday July 11

We pulled out of Lake Louise about 9:30 am and rode to Banff for breakfast. Leaving Banff we headed for Montana. On the way we went through Calgary and saw the Winter Olympic Stadium. Calgary had the Stampede going on so staying there was not an option. We stopped for the night inside Glacier Nat'l Park and stayed at the Rising Sun Inn. It had a beautiful view of a lake but NO POOL, NO HOT TUB, NO PHONE, NO TV, NO FUN :-( Basically it was just expensive.

Monday July 12

We spent the morning riding through the Glacier Nat'l Park. As far as scenery goes this park is second only to Jasper. The high point is Logan Pass.

View from Logans Pass

At only about 5500 ft. it is an absolutely gorgeous ride. The only drawback is the possibility of driving over the edge while looking at all the waterfalls. There were still 25 ft snow bridges there and fresh snow only days old. After leaving the park we cranked the bikes up and called it a day in Wallace, ID.